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It all started with door-to-door book sales for two summers in college in the late 70's. No kidding (Southwestern, for all you former "bookmen" out there...). Learning how to make my case, answer objections and ask for the order. And for 13+ hours a day, six days a week - on my feet. 

Next step? A 15-year sales career, etching all the above lessons (along with "audience," features/benefits, and USP) into my psyche forever. Was always a decent salesperson, but my real dream was to be a writer... 

Natural Writer + Marketing Chops
I've had native writing ability all my life (immodest, perhaps, but true...). Finally found a way to make a good living at it when I stumbled on freelance copywriting in the early 1990s. Launched my marketing writing practice in 1993, and despite no writing background, training, or paid writing experience, was paying all my bills in under four months.

Over the years, I've assembled a pretty robust marketing writing portfolio, writing for quite a cool roster of clients who've had a lot of nice things to say about me. I knew all that sales background would pay off at some point...

Here's What I Can Do for You...
Some people know how to write. Fewer still can do it well. And an even smaller slice of those who write well can "write to sell." I'm one of those. Unless it's a highly technical subject (in which case, get in touch, and I'll connect you), I don't care what you're selling; this marketing writer can write copy for it that's fresh, accessible, engaging and persuasive.   

Plus Some Serious "Range"
Check out my list of copywriting services. Everything from marketing collateral of all stripes, to company/product naming and taglines to ghostwriting, and everything in between. Can one person really do it all well? Yes. But, you decide.

5 Books (and Counting), Too...
Oh, and I've also written, self-published and self-marketed five award-winning books on writing and publishing. Currently, I've got 70,000 copies in print, which have yielded a full-time living since 2001. That marketing thing again... I've been coaching budding freelance copywriters and self-publishers since 2002.

Let's talk. I'd love to help your company speak like it's never spoken before...


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