Peter Bowerman – Client Testimonials

Peter’s open, personal style of writing has played a crucial role in our success. His ability to quickly grasp the clients business at the heart and speak to their audience in a creative, concise manner is uncanny. We have worked together for over 18 years now and he has always been extremely reliable and detailed – a true professional.

Christine Di Natale
Creative Director
Di Natale Designs, Inc.

I was amazed at Peter’s ability to quickly take a dry clinical explanation of my work and easily transform it into clear, plain, friendly words that are inviting to read. He was particularly great to work with, not only because of his confidence as a writer and communicator, but because he “got” what I wanted and needed to communicate even when I couldn’t clearly express it. He’s smart, competent, and energetic, and made the process fun. He’ll be the one I call the next time I need help writing.

Rita Bostick
Licensed Professional Counselor


When I need a basic case study, I can call on any number of writers who do a decent job, but when I'm looking for the "Mercedes" version - one that's a few cuts above, that really tells a compelling story, I call on Peter. He is an unusually quick study, and once he has the basics from me - premise, background reading, interview contacts and questions to ask - I essentially don't hear from him again until he's delivering his first draft. And those drafts typically need no more than minor edits before they're ready for prime time. He has a gift for understanding the fine line between information and promotion, and manages to effectively draw a reader into the story - no mean feat when the subject is the less-than-exciting arena of building materials! 

Mike Sweeney
Marketing/Media Manager
Sto Corporation
Atlanta, GA


Peter was terrific to work with. He created a complete marketing program for us - annual report, print ad, brochure, and three direct mail fundraisers - all carefully designed for different segments of our target audience. Great concept, great writing and great results. We definitely got more bang for our bucks with Peter!

Martin Kraft
Director of Communications
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Atlanta, GA

When I hired Peter to translate dry financial material into succinct marketing messages he really ‘got it’ – and we got a great product, without going through draft after draft of copy. It’s great to have a freelance writer who is truly an extension of the internal team.

Kristi Sumner
Marketing Director
Mercedes-Benz Credit Corporation

My experience with Peter was painless. He took charge of the situation, asked the right questions, and did the appropriate research in order to produce a product that pleased my client and myself. I appreciate his confidence, strategic thinking and quick turn-around.

Marianne Cline
Account Manager
Wages Design

Peter brings out the creativity in me by the way he writes, making it easy for my ideas to flow. I feel there is kind of a magical synergy that happens when we put our heads together, and the connection that forms produces great final results for our clients. I’ve worked with tons of writers in my 20-plus years in all aspects of the business, but few have had that spark. With other writers, I feel like I have to guide them, whereas with Peter, not only does he intuitively grasp where we need to go with a project, but his writing truly inspires my design. Bottom line, Peter’s spoiled me with his talent and he’s always my first choice.

Debbie Rohde, Graphic Designer
Rohde Marketing & Design Group

Peter Bowerman is a writer every business needs as part of its team. He approaches his writing as an obligation to provide clear, concise messages without an ounce of intimidation while maintaining the perfect balance between the knowledge necessary to grasp a concept and unexpected humor. He is a master of adaptation, able to turn any subject matter – regardless of its complexity – into easily readable and understandable communication...Plus, he’s just a fun guy to be around!

Jeanne Thompson Evans
Marketing & Public Relations
Family Mortgage of Georgia

Peter’s sales background and grasp of sales psychology allowed him to step into our world quickly, and deliver ‘on-the-mark’ copy faster and with minimal supervision. He was thorough, professional, and easy to work with.

Tab Norris, President
Aslan Training and Development

Peter is very intuitive and has an innate sense for what the client needs. I find his writing to be informative, but also interesting with a humorous twist. In my 22 years of working with copywriters in this business, he is, by far, the best I’ve ever worked with.

Mariellen Jacobs
Mj Design
Atlanta, Georgia

As a European-based manufacturing company creating their first full-line U.S. brochure, we needed a writer with the “voice” to speak powerfully to an American audience. With Peter, we got more. He was prepared, reliable, easy to work with, and quick to grasp both our industry and the objectives for the piece. Most importantly, we got precisely the message and tone we were seeking and a final product we could all be proud of.

Mr. Ewout Cassee, President
Vanderlande Industries, Inc.
Marietta, Georgia

Working with you has been a truly positive experience in every sense. Your ability to understand a completely new industry and distill my thoughts into a succinct and powerful message was nothing short of remarkable. I look forward to working with you again on new projects!

Troy W. McCall, Ph.D., President
Data Capture International, Inc.
Marietta, Georgia

Your level of creativity is what I've been hoping for, for a long time. It makes my job much easier to have strong creative backup to help push the marketing envelope. I also appreciate your collaborative spirit.

Angelo Omari, Creative Director
Manhattan Associates
Atlanta, GA

Peter is a very reliable writer. Not only was he always prompt in delivering his drafts, but his strong grasp of business made it possible for him to quickly understand, and get up to speed on my business. It all added up to a much more efficient copywriting process, and a smoother overall project flow. It’s been a good experience working with him, and I’d highly recommend him to others.

Joel Nunez, Founder and President
Atlanta, Georgia


Peter Bowerman
3713 Stonewall Circle
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